Pointe-à-la-Bise Nature Centre

Lac Léman has always occupied a special place in the hearts of Genevans. Today the lake still laps a natural shoreline very close to the city at the nature reserve of Pointe-à-la-Bise.


This unique natural area contains a magnificent reed bed that supports a wealth of wildlife, sometimes hidden from view. For example, a large colony of Great Crested Grebes, with their copper-coloured head plumes, has settled here, building floating nests among the reeds. Many other species visit each year, using the shoals of stones exposed at low water as a stop on their annual migrations.


Since 1999, Pro Natura has welcomed the public to this site of unparalleled biodiversity in the Lac Léman region. Here you will find a nature centre, an interpretive garden and nature trail, and an observation tower. Throughout the year, the centre organises free programs for school groups, guided tours of the reserve, activities and camps for children, exhibits and lectures.